Technology Overview:

Studies have shown that altered glutamate signaling and oxidative stress are key contributors to impaired cortical function linked to multiple CNS disorders. As a result, Promentis is pioneering the discovery and development of small molecules capable of regulating glutamate and glutathione levels.

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At Promentis, our goal is to leverage our team’s extensive experience in the CNS space to develop new chemical entities for the treatment of CNS and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Promentis is currently focused on advancing small molecules designed to target System XC– , a promising therapeutic target in the brain for a wide variety of psychiatric disorders.

Compounds that act on System XC– work by addressing glutamatergic dysfunction and normalizing oxidative imbalances.

Although Promentis has worked across a broad range of structures and approaches, the company’s portfolio of patent-protected compounds are generally designed to act on System XC-.

Promentis believes that its approach takes broader account of the dysfunction within the glutamatergic system and has the potential to restore imbalances thought to be responsible for many CNS and neuropsychiatric disorders. Thus, Promentis is aggressively embarking on an effort to develop molecules that will redefine what is possible in the treatment of such conditions.

Promentis has strong composition-of-matter protection covering its lead compound and a broad patent estate covering a wide variety of different approaches and structures related to the company’s program.


Pioneering the discovery & development of therapeutics targeting glutamatergic imbalances and oxidative stress