Our drug development efforts are focused on activating SystemXC-, a CNS target known to restore glutamatergic neurotransmission and imbalances in oxidative stress, key contributors to impaired cortical function linked to multiple CNS disorders.

Our lead compound, SXC-2023, is being developed to target psychiatric disorders in which glutamatergic dysfunction and oxidative stress play key roles. In addition to SXC-2023, Promentis’ pipeline includes a number of compounds that show promising activity in non-clinical studies.

SXC-2023 is an orally administered, novel small molecule designed to activate SystemXC-.

The mechanism by which Promentis’ lead compound functions has been widely studied and validated in a number of settings.

Currently, there are no FDA-approved therapeutics designed to target SystemXC– for the treatment of CNS disorders, just as there are no FDA-approved therapeutics for Promentis’ lead psychiatric indication.